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Joshua Tree National Park (part 2)

  “This would be good country,” a tourist says to me, “if only you had some water.” He’s from Cleveland, Ohio. “If we had good water here,” I reply, “this country would not be what it is. It would be like Ohio, wet and humid […]

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Winter Solstice

  This morning was the perfect start to winter, with gray skies and muted colors creating a velvety moodiness when I looked outside my window. The stillness of the longest night gave way to the sound of soft rain and crows flying overhead. Early morning […]


Sundays with Scotch

  So…my birthday was this past Friday. Friday the thirteenth to be exact, and I turned 46. Of course, I’m still rather shocked by this recent development, as I continue to think of myself as twenty-something…I mean, really, where did the last 20 years go?? […]

Camuesa Connector Trail

Camuesa Road Connector Trail

Camuesa Road Connector Trail Last summer my husband and I took our horses up to Santa Barbara. We camped at Rancho Oso Guest Ranch which has horse facilities right next to your campsite so you can wake up in the morning, have coffee with your […]