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Sundays with Scotch

  Today was a lazy Sunday, and I don’t regret one minute of it. It felt great to ride bareback on Scotch after his bath, when his coat was so soft and warm. And he smelled sooo good. I came across a beautiful quote today […]


Sundays with Scotch

  So…my birthday was this past Friday. Friday the thirteenth to be exact, and I turned 46. Of course, I’m still rather shocked by this recent development, as I continue to think of myself as twenty-something…I mean, really, where did the last 20 years go?? […]


Sundays with Scotch

Today I woke to a cold, windy day. My husband and I had plans to ride but instead find ourselves in bed, under the covers, listening to music, flipping through horse catalogs and avoiding the howling winds at all costs. I actually love these sorts […]

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Sundays with Scotch

After taking some time off to attend a summer academy and then taking care of family business the last few months, I’m coming back to my little corner of the internet. As usual, there are so many ideas brimming in my head and so many […]

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