Sundays with Scotch

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Sundays with Scotch

After taking some time off to attend a summer academy and then taking care of family business the last few months, I’m coming back to my little corner of the internet. As usual, there are so many ideas brimming in my head and so many projects started but there never seems to be enough time to get it all finished…Anyway, I’m back in the saddle, so to speak. horse

So, I got to thinking last night… and I decided that this blog needs a series. Perhaps even two. And I decided that I would enlist the help of two of my partners in crime, two of my biggest inspirations: Finley and Scotch. Finley will help me with a new series called, drum roll, please….
Fridays with Finley! This series will be based on recommending a good book for you to snuggle up with your dog over the weekend.
And Scotch, well, I often do some deep thinking when I’m out on the trail with Scotch, so I thought:
Sundays with Scotch! No, it’s not what you’re thinking, no scotch or whiskey reviews here, just some good quotes to help inspire you for the week ahead.

And…it’s here! Scotch’s very own series in which we share an inspirational quote with you.


Have a great week, everyone!

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Hi! I'm Nuvea. I live in Southern California with my three horses, four dogs and one cat, and can frequently be found restoring our tiny stone cottage and olive grove in Portugal.

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